A Ground-breaking Ceremony of Walvis Bay Oil Terminal in Namibia was Held
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On November 13, a ground-breaking ceremony of Walvis Bay Oil Terminal in Namibia was held. Executive Secretary-General of Ministry of Mines and Energy of Namibia, CEO of Namibia Petroleum Co., Ltd., CEO of Namibia Port Authority, representative of the consulting company, representative of contractor joint venture, members of CHEC Namibia Office and members of CHEC Walvis Bay Oil Terminal Project Department attended the ceremony.

Before the ground-breaking ceremony, the representatives of different parties expressed their wishes and the project department gave a comprehensive general introduction to this project. At last, the representatives held the spades and completed the ceremony. The holding of the ground-breaking ceremony marks that the project officially entered the start-up stage.

The contract for Walvis Bay Oil Terminal EPC Project in Namibia was signed on October 3, 3014, with a contract amount of about USD 360 million and a construction period of 818 days.

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