The Quay Work of AWAR-AWAR Power Plant Project in Indonesia Passed the Hand-over Inspection
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On November 14, the quay work of AWAR-AWAR Power Plant Project in Indonesia passed the four-party joint handover inspection.

An inspection group composed of the client PLNUPK - State Power of Indonesia, the consulting company PLNJMK, general contractor China National Electric Engineering Corporation and CHEC Indonesia AWAR-AWAR quay project department gave scores to the unit project quality and quay appearance quality; and the evaluation results were excellent. All the four parties agreed that the quay work passed the inspection.

The contract amount of this project is over USD 60 million and the contract period is 18 months. It is the first gravity-type caisson quay CHEC undertook in the market of Indonesia, so it has an important significance in market development. The official completion of the quay marks the opening of coal shipping route in Indonesia and it provides a powerful guarantee for the rapid local economic growth.

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