The Installation of Blocks for Heavy-piece Terminal of Jazan Dredging and Reclamation Project in Saudi Arabia Commenced
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On November 21, the installation of the first block for heavy-piece terminal of Jazan Economic City Port Dredging and Reclamation Project was completed successfully, marking that the construction of heavy-piece terminal was carried out comprehensively, which created a good condition for the follow-up construction.

The terminal of this project adopts gravity block structure; the main structure is 15m long, including the transition section which is 170m and 50m wide. There are 1080 blocks in total, a single one of which weighs 93T-105T; the planned maximum strength of block installation is 15 blocks/day.

Because the time when the client submitted the construction drawings and technical specification lagged, the construction time of the later procedures will be very tight. The project department will, with the young commandos as the pioneer, unite all the employees to optimize the construction technology, accelerate the construction progress and ensure that the construction task will be efficiently completed with a high quality.

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