The Construction of Walvis Bay New Container Terminal Project in Namibia Commenced
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On November 25, witnessed by the client and the consulting company, the first pile testing of Walvis Bay New Container Terminal Project in Namibia commenced, marking the construction of the terminal started officially.

The geological condition of the place where the project is located is very special. Below the shallow close sand, there is a 25m-thickness diatomite layer whose property is very complicated and which has a great influence on the calculation of the pile foundation's bearing capacity. Such geology is very rare in the engineering field in the world, so there is a great construction technology risk. Under the situation where there is no mature calculation model to refer to, pile testing is a relatively feasible method to determine the pile foundation's bearing capacity in diatomite, and the pile testing result is of great significance to the following construction.

In order to guarantee the smoothness of the project, the project department made careful organization and preparations. At the same time, the project department will arrange special people to collect the pile testing data, report them to the designing institute so as to reduce the risk and optimize the design and accelerate the project progress.

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