CHEC Successfully Signed the Contract for Construction of Six Bridges in Papua New Guinea
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On December 11, the signing ceremony of contract for construction of six bridges by CHEC and the Ministry of Engineering of Papua New Guinea was held at the Governor's Palace of Papua New Guinea.

At the signing ceremony, the client representative fully affirmed the project management ability, organization and coordination ability and contractual capacity of CHEC, praised the long-term friendly partnership between the government of Papua New Guinea and CHEC and believed CHEC had the ability to ensure the high-level and high-quality implementation of the projects and make contributions to improving the traffic situation of Central Province of Papua New Guinea and the capital area of Papua New Guinea.

The six bridges are part of the national highway network bridge improvement project of Papua New Guinea. The contract amount is about USD 33 million and the contract period is 2 years. The works include removing the single-lane bridge of the expressway from Hiritano to Magi, building six 395m double-lane and steel structure bridges. This project is the first bridge project of CHEC in Papua New Guinea and it consolidates the market position of the Company in this region. After the completion, it will play an important role in the three-dimensional traffic network construction of Papua New Guinea and driving the economic development of the surrounding areas.

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