Three Projects of CHEC Won CCCC High-quality Engineering Award
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CCCC issued the Notice on Announcing the 2014 CCCC High-quality Engineering Award (Zhong Jiao Gu An Fa [2014] No. 737) and three projects of CHEC won this award. The Hambantota International Airport Development Project Phase-I Work in Sri Lanka won the high-quality engineering award for road and bridge engineering; the Deepwater Container Port Breakwater project in Pakistan and the Zavall Port Project EPC Work in Saudi Arabia won the high-quality engineering award for port engineering.

The Hambantota International Airport (MRIA) in Sri Lanka, located in Hambantota, Southern Province of Sri Lanka, is featured by high international collaboration degree, high environmental protection requirement, high specification and quality management requirement and heavy design workload, tight schedule and many participation units. The success of Hambantota International Airport also provides a new opportunity for CHEC and even CCCC to expand the overseas market of the airport construction field. After Hambantota International Airport was successfully constructed, CHEC undertook the construction of such large international airports as Guyana International Airport and South Sudan International Airport.

The Deepwater Container Port Breakwater project in Pakistan, located in Karachi City of Pakistan, is an important component of the largest new appropriated container berth in Pakistan - Pakistan Deepwater Container Port (PDWCP). This project is featured by poor external environmental condition, great demand for building stones and high technical standard and so on. At the beginning of the construction of this project, the goal of “ensuring a high-quality project of CHEC and striving for CCCC High-quality Engineering Award and Luban Award” was established; the construction department actively carried out various quality management activities and conducted the construction and acceptance inspection according to the British standards.

The Zavall Port Project EPC Work in Saudi Arabia, located in Zavall Peninsula in Eastern Saudi Arabia and on the west coast of the Persian Gulf, is a fully-functional large comprehensive port project, and the project manager department fully meets the project need in terms of settings of functional departments. This project is the project with the largest single contract amount CHEC obtained after entering the engineering construction project of Saudi Arabia. With efficient management, normative construction, exquisite technology and high-quality service, the project department submitted a satisfactory answer to the client and won a good reputation and public praise for the Company. The project has an important significance for the Company to explore the market of Saudi Arabia.

CCCC High-quality Engineering Award is awarded once a year, aiming to summarize and publicize the achievements in engineering quality management of the units in CCCC system. The winning of these awards show the full affirmation of CCCC for the work, lays a foundation for the ongoing declaration for “Luban Award” and establishes a benchmark for other overseas projects of the Company.

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