The Loan Agreement on Khartoum New International Airport in Sudan was Successfully Signed
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On December 16, the loan agreement on Khartoum New International Airport in Sudan for which CHEC took overall responsibility was officially signed at the headquarters of Export-Import Bank of China. Dr. Abdelrahman Mohamed Dirar Elameen – Minister of State of Sudan and Zhang Shuo – Deputy General Manager of Concessional Loan Department of Export-Import Bank of China, on behalf of each party, signed the agreement. Yuan Yongxing – deputy governor of Export-Import Bank of China, Omer Eisa Ahmed – Sudanese ambassador to China and Mohammed Abdelaziz Ahmed Elhag – President of Civil Aviation Administration of Sudan attended the signing ceremony.

This project obtains the largest Chinese financial support in history. Under such unfavorable conditions as independence of South Sudan and economic fluctuation of Sudan, the signing of the loan agreement has an important significance to improve the investment environment of Sudan, stimulate the economic development of Sudan and promote the economic and trade relations between China and Sudan. This project is the largest single EPC airport project CHEC has obtained so far and it will further expand the market influence of CHEC in the aviation business field and promote the business development of the Company in Africa.

The EPC contract for this project was signed on July 8, 2013 in Khartoum, Sudan. The contract amount is about USD 700 million and the F+EPC mode is adopted. The construction period is 40 months.

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