The Completion and Operation Ceremony of Lae Port Tidal Wharf Development Project Phase I in Papua New Guinea was Held
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On December 17, the completion and operation ceremony of Lae Port Tidal Wharf Development Project Phase I in Papua New Guinea undertaken by CHEC was held in the new office building of Lae Port. Over 400 people, including O'Neal – Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea and relevant government department representatives, representative of Asian Development Bank, Fan Kun - Charge d'Affaires ad Interim of Chinese embassy in Papua New Guinea, South Korean ambassador to Papua New Guinea, representative of CHEC Papua New Guinea Branch and representatives of Papua New Guinea business world, academic circle and tribal landlords, attended the ceremony. Papua New Guinea EMTV Station, Courier-Mail and The National and other media covered the ceremony live.

Prime Minister O'Neal expressed special thanks to CHEC for its great efforts in the project. He pointed out that the project was completed two months earlier with a high quality and the total budget controlled within the contract price, which fully showed the good contractual capacity and business management ability of CHEC and that the project would become a benchmark and example of infrastructure construction projects in Papua New Guinea. In the speech, Charge d'Affaires ad Interim Fan Kun pointed out that the Chinese Government and enterprises were willing to provide more help for the infrastructure construction of Papua New Guinea.

The representatives of all walks of life gathered at the wharf, witnessing that Prime Minister O'Neal and CHEC representative cut the ribbon for the port. Amid cheers, the first anchoring and handling of Lae Port was completed, forecasting the success of the trial operation. The representatives of all walks of life took photos here.

Lae Port is the first largest port in Papua New Guinea and also the busiest port with the largest cargo throughput in South-Pacific Region. The government of Papua New Guinea has paid much attention to the project construction, and the Governor Ogio ever made a site inspection of the project and praised the capability of CHEC. The early completion of the project consolidates the position of the port as the port of transshipment connecting Southeast Asia and South-Pacific Region, and will play a positive promoting role in the economic development of Papua New Guinea. The construction of Lae Port started on June 18, 2012; the construction period is 30 months and the construction amount is USD 319 million, 72% of which is from Asian Development Bank and 28% of which is from the government of Papua New Guinea. CHEC took overall responsibility for the design and construction of the project while CCCC FHDI Engineering Co., Ltd., CCCC Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd. and CCCC Tianjin Dredging Co., Ltd. are responsible for the implementation. The construction content includes excavation and dredging of 700×400 basin, building a new 240m-long wharf, 120,0002 storage yard, 2600m bank revetment and other auxiliary facilities and so on.

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