Lanxin High-speed Railway was Officially Open to Traffic
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On December 26, the second double-line project of Lanxin High-speed Railway (Lanzhou -Alashankou) in whose construction CHEC participated was officially open to traffic, marking that the first high-speed railway on the high-altitude areas of China with the longest one-time construction mileage in the world was officially open to traffic.

Lanxin High-speed Railway is 1776km long, running through Gansu, Qinghai and Xinjiang, and it is a key project in the national “12th Five-year” comprehensive transportation system plan and also an important link of Eurasian Continental Bridge. CHEC undertook Section LXS-1 of the second double line from Lanzhou to Urumqi; the contract amount is RMB 2.4 billion and the section is 32.167km long in total, extending from the entrance to Guoqingshan Tunnel to the exit to Fuchuan Tunnel. Within the section, there are four bridges and five tunnels and 32.167km ballastless tracks. CHEC Lanxin High-speed Railway Project Department, after five years’ construction, successfully completed the construction tasks and accumulated experience for the development of the Company’s railway market. Besides, it also makes an important contribution to the construction of the “Iron Silk Road” between Gansu, Qinghai and Xinjiang.

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