The Principal Part of Port QasimLNG Wharf Project in Pakistan was Handed over Successfully
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On December 30, the handing-over ceremony of the principal part (trestle and wharf platform) of Port Qasim LNG Wharf Project in Pakistan for which CHEC took overall responsibility was held at the newly-built wharf platform.

At the ceremony, the project manager of the client fully affirmed the efforts CHEC made in project quality and progress and spoke highly of the realization of safe production without accident during the project implementation.

This project is a key project Sharif - Prime Minister of Pakistan promised when coming into power and since the beginning of the construction, it has attracted a lot of attention of the local government and society. The project department overcame such difficulties as tight schedule, large design and construction difficulty and high safety management requirement for chemical wharf, and with the support of the headquarters and the guidance of the Office, it sincerely cooperated with the subcontractors and completed the construction of this node one week earlier, which lays a solid foundation for the completion of the project as scheduled.

This project is contracted in mode of EPC. The contract amount is about USD 60 million and the total construction period of the project is 10 months, and the construction period of the principal structure node is 8 months. The project comprises of building a about-500m-long trestle and a butterfly dolphin wharf where LNG Carrier (LNGC) and LNG FSRU anchored sided by side. It is the first wharf structure adopting side-by-side anchoring of both vessels designed and constructed by Chinese companies and so far, there have been no other successful examples in China.

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