Witnessed by President of China and President of Sri Lanka, CCCC and CHEC Signed Three Important Agreements
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On the afternoon of September 16, witnessed by President Xi Jinping of China and President Mahinda Rajapaksa of Sri Lanka, President Chen Fenjian of CCCC and Chairman Mo Wenhe of CHEC signed three important cooperation agreements in the Presidential Palace in Colombo.

Mr. Chen Fenjian signed the Franchise Agreement on Colombo Port City with the Port and Highway Department of Sri Lanka, and Key Clauses for Hambantota Port Container Terminal Investment and Operation Project with Sri Lanka Port Authority. Mr. Mo Wenhe signed the Loan Terms for Colombo Port City with China Development Bank. The signing of the above agreements marks that the early business negotiation and preparation of Colombo Port City project and Hambantota Port Container Terminal Investment and Operation Project have been successfully completed and that they have entered the stage of substantial construction and operating preparation.

At the signing ceremony, President Xi Jinping said that both China and Sri Lanka agreed to strengthen the cooperation in port and industrial park with Hambantota Port operation as the starting point so as to revitalize the Maritime Silk Road. President Mahinda Rajapaksa pointed out that the port city project was the largest foreign direct investment project in Sri Lanka and that it was a landmark project carrying the national development vision of Sri Lanka and realizing the “Mahinda” vision.

The two projects are the latest achievements of CHEC’s overseas market development; they are featured by large scale, new field, deep cooperation and broad benefiting range and are also great progress of the practice of “CCCC with five identities” strategy overseas. The above two projects attract much attention from the senior government officials of both two countries and have a great significance and influence and they will become a splendid pearl of “Maritime Silk Road” on the Indian Ocean in the 21st century and also a monument of friendly cooperation between China and Sri Lanka.

Before signing the agreements, Mr. Chen and Mr. Mo also made official visits to permanent secretary of the Port and Highway Department of Sri Lanka and permanent secretary of Finance Department of Sri Lanka, and they had friendly discussions on the project cooperation.

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