Some Overseas Offices Carried out the Activity of Production Safety Month
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Recently, some overseas offices organized a series of activities to carry out the requirements of the activity of “production safety month”, and guaranteed the realization of “strengthening the safety fundamental and promoting the safety development”.

On May 30, Doha New Port Project held the kick-off meeting for the activity of “production safety month”, made the plan for safety month activity; and in the following month, it carried out HSE management improvement meeting, special inspection, and special training, and conducted the emergency drill of sunstroke prevention, fire protection and falling protection and effectively enhanced the safety protection consciousness and ability. The project department proposed “Management System for Full-time Safety Personnel of Cooperating Organizations”, executed performance assessment system for the full-time safety personnel of the cooperation organization and improved the project award and punishment system and site civilized construction specification manual and so on; now, it is working hard towards the goal of 10 million man-hours without lost-time incident.

From June 17 to June 23, Sino-Burma Crude Oil Pipeline Wharf Project Department carried out the activity of production safety emergency rescue drill week with “innovation, authenticity and safety” as the theme. It established the drill preparation working group, made careful plan and arrangement to conduct the simulation drill of sunstroke, fire, mechanical injury and electric shock. It inspected the rationality of emergency plan of the project department, the emergency materials, equipment and technology of all the emergency rescue groups, strengthened the safety consciousness of the employees and popularized the knowledge about prevention and reduction of natural disasters and self-rescue.

On the afternoon of June 21, all the Chinese and Pakistan employees of the Pakistan Office, all the employees of Karachi Deepwater Port Project Department, consulting engineer and the local police held a joint fire-control emergency drill in the deepwater port project area. KPT breakwater project department, in combination with the actual situation, carried out targeted anti-terrorist drill, popularized the countermeasures to common terrorist attack ways in Pakistan. The office also makes the employees keep in mind the safety consciousness through publicity, self-inspection of safety, knowledge contest and so on, strengthened the emergency handling ability of the employees and promoted the improvement in safety management.

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