The EPC Contract Signing Ceremony for Phase I of Khartoum New International Airport Project was Held
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On July 8, the EPC contract signing ceremony for Phase I of Khartoum New International Airport Project in Sudan was held in Khartoum. Deputy general manager Lin Yichong of CHEC and Mohamed A-Aziz, general manager of Sudan Airport Holding Company signed on the contract; Minister of Finance and National Economy of Sudan, Chinese ambassador to Sudan, and representative of Export-Import Bank of China attended the signing ceremony.

In his speech, Luo Xiaoguang, Chinese ambassador to Sudan, stated that the signing of this contract marked the mutual beneficial cooperation between China and Sudan made new progress. He praised that CHEC is a large enterprise with powerful strength and rich experience and hoped that the client could continuously provide support and help in the project promotion. In the speech, Minister of Finance of Sudan stressed that this project played an important role in promoting the infrastructure construction and economic development of Sudan and that it was helpful to promote the friendship between China and Sudan, so the government of Sudan paid much attention to it. He expressed his thanks to the great efforts of CHEC in the previous period and hoped that the project could be carried out quickly, making the new Khartoum New International Airport become a beautiful card of Sudan.

The local mainstream media of Sudan reported the signing ceremony and made a exclusive interview to deputy general manager Lin Yichong, learning the information about the project and the contribution of CHEC, as an internationally famous contractor, to the transport network construction and economic development of Sudan.

The contract amount of this project is about USD 700 million, adopting F+EPC model; the construction period is 40 months. It mainly includes one runway for Airbus 380 to take off and land, taxiway, departure lounge, control tower, linking taxiway, cargo transport area, parking lot, hangar and the auxiliary facilities.

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