The First Blasting for Maoming Port Bohe Newport Breakwater Project Succeeded
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On December 23, 2013, the first blasting for Maoming Port Bohe Newport Breakwater Project BT Project in Guangdong Province undertaken by CHEC was successfully realized, marking that this project has always successfully taken the first step.


In order to guarantee the construction safety in blasting operation, the project general manager department did a lot, making careful organization and preparations in the aspects of blasting scheme, safety evaluation, safety monitoring, initiating explosive device handling, etc. The amount of explosive used in this blasting reached 1.95 tons; the aggregated rocks that were blast were about 3800m3. After the first blasting, the project general manager department indicated that it would continue to inherit the core value of “Realizing the responsibilities, repaying the society with a high quality and establishing win-win cooperation”, lead the participation parties to have a clear division of work and set up a good image, and promote the implementation of the follow-up projects in an orderly and effective manner.

Maoming Port Bohe Newport Breakwater Project includes two sections: eastern section and western section. The eastern breakwater is about 5423m long and the western breakwater is about 3315m. About 9,000,000m3 aggregated rocks are needed in the project, which is completed mainly depending on quarrying by blasting mountains.

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