Vice President Taha of Sudan Inspected Sinnar Bridge Project
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The Vice President of Sudan, Ali Osman Mohammed Taha, inspected Sinnar Bridge Project on June 27, which is under construction by China Harbour. Other high ranking officials are the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Agriculture.

Vice President Taha listened to detailed report of project work and inspected the construction site. He was satisfied with construction progress, safety and quality management, environmental protection and other work of CHEC. According to Wang Guangsheng, the General Manager of the Project, CHEC has completed 72% of the total contract amount, lower structures of the Project and 54 segments of box girder up to now. While properly carrying out HSEQ management, the Project Department will strive to promote implementation of the Project and build Sinnar Bridge Project into a landmark project in Sudan.

Sinnar Bridge Project has been one of the framework projects between the governments of China and that of Sudan. CHEC undertook general contracting tasks for survey, design and construction. The value of the contract totaled USD 66 million.

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